Steps To Implement ISO 14001 Certification In An Organization

Organizations that want to implement ISO 14001, and achieve certification for an environmental management system find it overwhelming. To facilitate the implementation of the task, we have compiled a series of steps to ensure efficient implementation of certification.

Best Practice is a reputed JAS-ANZ accredited certification body. It offers an internationally recognized management standard “ISO 14001 certification” to organizations. This standard is designed to promote occupational health by addressing ill health and injury risks in business operations. In this way, it leads to a health and safety management system.

Get Support From Top Management

Achieving support from the top management is important to ensure effective execution of the standard. Without it, there are possibilities that the ISO 14001 implementation will Furthermore, good sales pitch is needed to convince the management that ISO 14001 is a beneficial step for the growth of the organization.

Recognize Legal Requirements

The second step to implement the ISO 14001 standard is to identify the legal requirements for EMS. This is an important step to ensure the success of the implementation.

Determine EMS scope

Defining the scope of EMS assists a business to prevent including areas of the business that may not impact the environment. Environmental aspects and policy are two important tools that will help in the creation of the scope.

Define EMS Processes

Once the scope is defined, the next step is to include the necessary procedures to ensure stable and acceptable results while preventing adverse environmental impacts.

Implement EMS procedures

After the procedures are defined, an organization will need to implement them. This is done by associating these processes with the existing processes in the organization.

Offer Training

As a part of the implementation of the ISO 14001 standard, all the concerned employees will be trained on the concept of the standard and why it is being implemented.

Select A Certification Body

A certification body could be a company that will audit the EMS processes to make them in compliance with ISO 14001 needs. It will also help in the effective implementation of the standard in the company.

Operate the EMS

Once the certification body is appointed, it will gather the necessary records to show that the EMS processes are effective and fulfils the requirements of the standard. Certification bodies will specify a timeline to execute the above process. This is because they would want that the system gets a good level of maturity and demonstrate compliance.

Achieve Registration

The organization will choose a Registrar to perform the registration audit, followed by regular surveillance audits. While the audits are performed, the auditor will look at the EMS to ensure that it justifies the standard requirements.

If they figure out that certain EMS processes don’t meet the ISO 14001 standard requirements, then it is documented as “Nonconformance.”


Implementation of ISO 14001 is necessary to understand what an organization requires to do to fulfil the standard’s requirements. A good plan helps to execute and certify an EMS per ISO 14001. So, an organization should take out time to strategize and identify what resources are needed to save resources and time in the future.