Reduce Your Anxiety by Being Aware of How Divorce Works

Do you feel your marriage has hit the rocks and want to apply for a divorce but you are clueless on what to do next? Or are you contemplating if divorce is the best decision for you and in dire need of resources to help you out? Talking to a divorce lawyer would clear your doubts but it could feel terrifying initially. Walking in prepared helps you relax and make things easier for you. While making an appointment, ask your attorney if you need to bring in any documents. It is imperative to ask the following questions during your initial consultation.

Attorney Fees:

Since divorce procedures could take a while (sometimes years) to get finalized, it is important to prepare yourself financially. Ask your attorney about the fee structure – whether there is a fixed fee, or if the fee depends on the number of hours, he/she works on your case. To cut down on time and cost, before your meeting with attorney, write in brief about your situation, reason for filing divorce and financial position.

Detailed divorce procedure:

Divorce procedures vary for each state. Though the time for your divorce to get finalized solely depends on how complicated your situation is, ask your attorney to shed light on the approximate timeline. Knowing how long it would take, would give you an idea of what you are getting into. An experienced family lawyer like DivorceLawyerNewDelhi would guide you through the process.


Many of them stay in unhappy marriages, as they are concerned about the financial blow. Some states have certain set of criteria for granting alimony. It could be based on one of the following-

  • How long you have been married
  • Your income
  • Financial status of your spouse
  • If one of you is a stay-at-home parent

In some cases, no alimony would be awarded. The law aims to make sure that each party involved have adequate income to sustain.

Child custody:

Our law grants custody depending on the best interests of the child. The parent who is capable of taking care of the child’s educational, emotional and social needs is favoured. When you and your partner find it problematic to decide on who retains custody, you should be aware of what factors would be taken into consideration by the state judges before granting custody. Child custody is one of the reasons some divorce settlements take a long time to get finalized. Arm yourself with knowledge about how you could use alternate ways to solve this dispute.

Splitting assets:

The joint properties acquired after marriage is usually considered as a unit and split between the couple. However, things may vary in each state since the ownership rights is dictated by state property laws thus, making it essential to enquire your attorney about how the assets would be split in your state.

Even if your divorce is a joint decision, it could be extremely stressful. If there are children involved, let them know that you care about them and this isn’t about them. Don’t go hard on yourself and have your own support system.