How to Upload Music to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Get Streamed

In today’s busy world, music is known as the best source of peace and relaxation. It is also becoming a popular art form among the new generation, attracting youth to choose it as their career option.

However, it was never easy for individual artists to showcase their talent to the world. Now with digital platforms taking the charge, it has become possible for fresh talent to put your music on Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and Deezer, even with limited resources.

Ways to market your music online

If you try to catch everything, you will end up with none. So if you try to market your music through every channel available, you will be digging a hole for yourself. You should rather focus to sell your music online only on some renowned platforms where you are most likely to spend your time.

  • Website – Your main goal must be to create a website and upload your content. It should be a place where your fans will find you, regardless of other social media.
  • Email listing – If you have a large fan base subscription for email, then this one’s for you. A direct message to their inbox about the latest release or coming albums can also work as a good tool to market your music.
  • Streaming services – This new revolution in the music industry has changed everything for music developers and music lovers. Now you can not only hear all your favorite songs but even download them according to your comfort.
    • Some of the most used streaming services to are Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, TIDAL, and many more.
    • Now the best news is that as an individual music developer with limited resources you can get your music on Spotify and iTunes with ease and reach out to the millions and billions of people connected with them. So that you can take the best advantage of this digital wave.
  • Music videos – Interesting and thrilling videos matching with the music and sound make your music more attractive and potential to go viral online.
  • Audience – Know your audience and focus on a specific market while starting your musical journey.
  • YouTube – It is the evergreen option to upload and share your music with an eagerly waiting audience to listen to their favorite songs and artists.
  • Sound clouds – It is one of the most artist-friendly platforms for individual and young artists.
  • Music blogs have also turned out to be a great option for marketing your new and interesting songs.
  • Tiktok and Instagram reels video can also be useful here in promoting new music.

How to get your music on these platforms

There are many ways to get your music on these platforms but the best is to hire an intermediary partner which can pay from your side. They may collect royalties on your behalf for all your content on it.

One such platform is Musicdigi, where you can upload music to various stores like apple music and others and get paid, it has tie-up with 150+ popular music and streaming outlets across the world.

Benefits of MusicDigi

Musicdigi helps you get your music on Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, and many other platforms.

  • Fast and easy distribution – They help in digital music distribution in both streaming and download services within as little time as 24 hours.
  • Real-time reporting – It provides a proper analysis of the fan base, statistics on downloading, and streaming services.
  • Get paid monthly – It provides monthly payments and help make a career out of your passion.
  • Sell your music globally hassle-free – Musicdigi helps you sell your music online to millions of people through digital stores.
  • 100% ownership – Musicdigi respect the ownership of your music and help they help you keep all the rights to your music, it believes that “your music is yours, it will remain that way.
  • No hidden costs– They provide free ISRC and UPC codes for all releases.


 These streaming stores have made the lives of not only the music listeners but also for music creators, much easier. Now new artists have a lot of options to promote and market content digitally with much less resource requirement in terms of time and money.