Why A Business Would Should Remove Its Negative Reviews

Nowadays, people pay a lot of importance to reviews and testimonials. Before they buy any product or service, they don’t forget to look at the reviews of the company. A negative review can harm the reputation of the business. It can take away their business, i.e., their customers. This makes it quite obvious why a business would be concerned about such reviews and want to remove them.

A business should know that it should be ready to receive negative reviews. Like their positive customers, there can be some disgruntled people who want to bring a bad name to them in the market. In this article, we will tell you more about what a business can do to remove a negative review of it.

Are Reputation Management Companies trustworthy or Scam?

Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp are some of the reliable platforms where a user can put its opinions about any business, or a company. These websites are highly credible and have the reputation to offer only honest and unbiased reviews.

When a business receives a negative review on these websites, it wants to remove it as fast as it can. A business owner can employ various strategies to remove wherever such reviews are appearing. In those scenarios, Reputation Management companies claim to remove all negative comments at a hefty fee.

Unfortunately, these companies are a scam. You should know that it is not possible to remove a negative review from a website. It is against the rules, and policies of these websites. However, there are ways that you can use to manage them effectively.

Content Removal is a leading internet removal service that tackle the elimination of online content related to various domains. These include defamation, cyber abuse, impersonation, images, videos, blogs, etc.

Ways to Manage Bad Reviews

Here are a few ways by which a business can manage negative reviews:

Respond to false claims

You can request the user to remove the negative review explaining to him about its negative impact on the business. If it doesn’t work, then reply publicly in a polite tone to specify your concerns properly.

Recognize TOS violations

A review can be removed if it directly attacks a person. If the review specifies the name, and appearance of the person in place of mentioning the service, then it is unethical on the grounds of the content violation. Such reviews can be removed from the website. For more details, learn about the content guidelines of the website where it is posted.

Report reviews from former employees

Some review platforms disallow current or past employees to review on a website. If you see that any of your former employees have posted a negative review, then make efforts to manage it. Look into the procedure to report about this situation.


The voice of the customer holds a lot of significance in the operation of any business. That is the reason, why “word of mouth” is considered an effective marketing tool for a business.

As a business does not have any control over this marketing method, it can go in favor of or against its reputation. If you own a business that has received a negative comment, then you should follow the above steps to effectively deal with this situation.