Tips to Customize Tote Bags for Wedding Favors

A wedding day is a big day for the bride and the groom. The couple can plan everything like choosing a venue to selecting an ideal menu and everything in between together. As it is their wedding, they can make every aspect as creative as possible. Both will get to know each other’s tastes even better. You can even get creative with wedding favors.

Custom Grocery Bags is an online shop, where you can browse through different varieties of tote bags. It includes –

  • Non-woven bags
  • Recycled bags
  • Wine totes
  • Biodegradable bags
  • Folding bags
  • Cooler bags
  • Messenger bags
  • Tradeshow bags and more

You can easily customize tote bags. You get them for the best prices because the retailers offer a good discount on bulk buying.

Tips to customize tote bags for wedding favors

For the Guests

You can personalize the bags to appreciate the guests. As these bags will be offered to every guest attending the ceremony pick something that everyone will like. Choose a different color for men and women, but print the same message. You can even choose a bag that blends with your wedding theme. After picking the color, choose a text.

Be creative, it is your big day. The common text will be the bride & groom’s name along with the wedding date. To add a little interest to your destination wedding, you can add, “Welcome to Aruba’ followed with the names and wedding date.

Guests can be greeted with ‘so the adventure begins’ or ‘be our guests’ or ‘welcome to our beginning’ tote bags. For parents, you can choose the ‘Mother of the bride’ or ‘Mother of the groom’. For the bride’s sister choose a personalized tote including ‘sister of the bride’.

For the Bridesmaid

You need to thank bridesmaids for their help to plan the wedding. This can be done with customizing a unique favor bag. You can give every bridesmaid a personalized bag with their name and their favored color or the color of their bridesmaid dress. Choose a lovely and snappy text like ‘best bitch # bachelorettes’ or a gentle phrase like ‘Thank You for standing beside me on my wedding day’ and include your name and the date.

For the bridegrooms

Grooms also help your fiancé and they also deserve something special. You can match their canvas totes with the ones chosen for the bridesmaids. If the color chosen for the bridesmaid is light green then choose dark green for groom guys. You can even choose matching text like ‘Grooms crew’ to match with ‘Brides crew’.

For newlywed couples

Even the couples need to customize their wedding favor tote bags. Choose the classic text ‘Brides/Groom’ or something interesting – ‘you will forever be my – Always’. Boys can choose ‘Under new management’ or ‘We did it’.

The bride and the groom need to choose the color, text, and bag content to be offered as wedding favors to their guests. Tote bags are the best wedding favors as they are durable, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly. You can customize them. Guests will adore a practical gift, which will be used for several years.

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