Queries to Ask Your Driving Instructor while Choosing the Best Trainer for You

It is a mandatory and beneficial decision to learn driving a vehicle guided by a skilled driving instructor. Hence, you began to search for a good reputable instructor having years of experience in teaching novice drivers. 

While shortlisting the most suitable instructor among the many you want to know more about their credentials and ways of training new drivers. You can ask them the questions usually asked by most people before finally agreeing to appoint them as your driving instructor. 

Here are the few most frequently asked questions:

  • Do they provide theory lessons along with practical training of driving? 
  • While they do, it will be best for any fresher planning to drive the first time. Theory lessons are important as it helps you to understand the mechanism and working of each part of the vehicle. 
  • Do they possess any certificate as a trainer? 
  • While the answer is positive and ready to show their certificates and license to train new drivers, then go ahead. 
  • How long have they been teaching driving to novice drivers?
  • While the instructor number up many years, then well and good. Youngsters may like to learn from new trainers as they may teach them new easy techniques to drive a vehicle. However, while you are the first-timer driver, best to have a trainer having multiple years of experience in teaching their students to drive safely. 
  • Will their training curriculum help students to know the right approach to pass driving tests in a good score? 
  • Most reliable driving instructors prepare their students to pass the driving tests in the first attempt. Hence no worries, as you are sure to pass the driving test in flying colors while you are trained by a skilled instructor. 
  • What will be the timings suitable for having practical driving lessons? 
  • Most trainers prefer early morning hours when there is negligible traffic however once their student gains confidence and drives well then the timings are shifted to when there is traffic on the roads. 
  • What teaching method you do-follow? 
  • Usually, the training starts with basic lessons and a few drives on lesser traffic roads. Then gradually there are theory lessons to attend and driving lessons are conducted in busier roads. Some skilled instructors prefer students to set the course like whether they would like to know the detailed mechanism of the vehicle before starting practical lessons or vice versa.
  • Will short term learning or long term learning will be good to become a professional driver?
  • Usually, for beginners, the long term will be best as it includes detailed learning and more hours of practicing to drive. Short term driving lessons are best for drivers forgotten to drive thus need the guidance of experienced drivers. 

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