Improve Your Dog’s Immune System with the Right CBD Oils

If you own a dog, then you know the problems they face. One of the most common issues is skin infection. Dogs are hyperactive and love to roll around and play anywhere. Anything from a small insect to grass can trigger a skin infection in them.

CBD Oil for Skin Infections

Your nervous system comprises two receptors CB1 and CB2. CB2 receptors are responsible for pain and inflammation. Your pooch too has the same Endocannabinoid System (ECS). These are your body’s natural THC.

When you use CBD oil on your dog suffering from inflammation or allergies, it activates the CB2 receptors by binding to them and helping in providing relief from the same. These oils can either be given in the form of tinctures, salves, or drops.

When it comes to CBD oil for dogs, ensure that you purchase from licensed stores such as Pet CBD Company with its main office at Sheridan, WY. The products sold by them are made from hemp extract and cannabidiol that can help improve the functioning of the ECS system. Each of the products sold by them comes with a Certificate of Analysis that shows the CBD content in them.

Now, the most common debate that is doing rounds is whether oral administration or salves is the best option for your dog. The solution to this again varies from pet to pet. While some might like CBD mixed with their food, others might be fussy about it.

If your dog is suffering from anxiety or seizures, then oral administration would be your safe bet. Salves on the other hand can be used:

  • If your dog suffers from joint pain or osteoporosis
  • When the vet asks you to use CBD oil only for external purposes
  • If your dog is taking any other oral medications that cannot be combined with CBD
  • If your dog suffers from dry skin, rashes or allergies
  • If your dog is sensitive to oral medications

CBD oil can be used to treat several skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. If you are using topical creams, you can apply these to the affected area.

Causes of Skin Infections in Dogs

Skin infections should not be taken lightly in pets. What you might assume to be a small wart or lump can turn to be cancerous. It is always better to get these checked by your vet right away. Now, skin infections can happen to anyone at any time.

One day your dog might be active and playing around when the next day they might be in discomfort. Various factors can cause skin infections in dogs:

  • Pollens
  • Dry skin caused by weather conditions
  • Skin parasites such as fleas, ringworms and, mites
  • If your dog has come in contact with irritating substances such as chemicals or sprays
  • Food allergies

Pets cannot express themselves vocally. Constant itchiness and inflammation can cause a lot of discomfort to your pet. It can cause them stress and you might find them continuously licking or scratching the affected area.

Here is where a bit of CBD oil can come to your pets’ rescue. Ensure that you stick to the recommended dosage or as prescribed by your vet. Let your pet get used to the oil. Begin with a small dosage and then gradually increase the dosage if you do not see any favorable results.

Pets can be fussy especially when it comes to medications. If you apply CBD oil in the form of salve then ensure that your pets stay still and do not fidget. Some useful tips that you can use here would be:

  • Keep the affected area dry and clean
  • It should be free from dirt and debris
  • You can wash the affected area with a mild disinfectant
  • Take a small amount of CBD salve and gently dab it to the affected area
  • Do not press too hard as it can cause discomfort to your pet
  • Ensure that you bandage of the affected area so that your pet does not lick it off
  • Continuous monitor the affected area for improvements


CBD oil a day can keep infections at bay. Pet skin health is very important and with the right medications, you can provide them with comfort and improve their immune system.

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