Hemp Lip Balm – Try the Hottest Super-Hydrating Lip Balm in The Market

The importance of proper lip care routine is undermined. Soft and supple lips add visual appeal to our face. If you have skipped wearing lip lam all this while, it is time to incorporate it into your daily beauty routine. Our lips are exposed to many weather conditions and require special care so as to maintain healthy-looking lips. The problems that could arise are:

  • Dry lips: Occur due to dehydration, allergies, Vitamin B deficiency, excess intake of Vitamin A, sun exposure and habitual licking
  • Chapped/ cracked lips: Occur most often in winter, due to excessive licking of lips or certain medications. It could be accompanied by scales, flaking, swelling or bleeding
  • Cheilitis: It is a severe form of chapped lips, which causes cracks in the corner of the lips. Some may feel pain due to inflammation.

Lip balms are the best solution to these common lip problems. They contain necessary ingredients to lock in moisture. But not all lip balms are hydrating. The ones containing ingredients like camphor, phenol and menthol dries out your lips more. CBD-infused lip balms are the newest in the market and are an instant hit among the users.

CBD lip balms include the goodness of CBD and other essential oils to deliver hydrated and supple lips. If you are looking for the best hemp lip balm in the market check out the Healing Lip Balm from Allueur which is available at an affordable price and deeply hydrates the lips. Florida residents find Allueur to be top choice for CBD beauty products. Place your order today.

Why are CBD lip balms better than the regular lip balms?

The primary difference between both is the inclusion of cannabinoid CBD. CBD extracted from hemp plant possess a range of unique properties that makes CBD balms an effective alternative to regular balms. CBD combined with beeswax and other essential oils deeply hydrates the lips. There are available as three formulations including:

  • Full-spectrum lip balm: It contains all chemical compounds present in hemp plant and hence provides the combined benefits of each chemical component present.
  • Broad-spectrum lip balm: If you want to reap the benefits of all chemical compounds found in hemp plant but don’t want THC in your product, this works best for you.
  • Isolate lip balm: Few lip balms contain only cannabinoid CBD along with other essential oils and beeswax.

Benefits of CBD lip balm:

CBD oil is easily absorbed into the skin and hence serves as an effective protective skin for the lips. It protects your lips from cold air and prevents dry lips. Its pain-relieving properties help with any lip infection, swelling or scales. Due to its anti-inflammatory property it treats redness. It offers protection against the UV rays.

Apart from using lip balm regularly keep your water and food intake in check for supple lips. Stay hydrated all through the day and keep sipping on water. Dab on some lip balm daily to provide additional hydration to your lips.

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