Centrifugal Separator Can Be a Better Replacement of Lube Oil Filtration

Centrifuges are devices, which use centrifugal force for separating substances of varying density. By spinning all the mixtures at very high speed, they can generate centrifugal force. These forces will push all dense content outward by keeping the less dense contents closer to the centre of the centrifuge.

Those of you, who are not too happy with the cleaning system by using lube oil filtration, go for centrifugal separator, which is really a great option. You will find substantial benefits over a filter, which can greatly impact your productivity and lower your total ownership cost.

One basic performance benefit of using centrifugation high-efficiency vegetable oil filtration with ic45av centrifuge is its capability to clean both water and solid contaminants.

Let us try to see various benefits of going for centrifugal separator system.

  1. Automated operation

If you prefer to use automatic centrifuge system then it will offer you several operational advantages over the manual alternatives. Your IC45AV centrifuge is able to sustain autonomous operation easily for several hours.

By using its automated functions, you will be in a position to get high performance by using minimal human input. Few of all these functions include the following:

  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Continuous feed operation
  • Solid discharge and auto extraction
  1. High flow rate

As far as flow rate of centrifuge is concerned, it refers to volume of fluids that it will be able to process over a period of time. The flow-rate of IC45AV centrifuges is ranging from 0 to 4800 litres/hour.

Also, they can achieve high gravitational force of maximum up to 3,000 G at 4,000 RPM. For any vegetable oil separation, the necessary flow rate is 1 to 5 litres/minutes or about 300 litres/hours.

  1. Versatile design

IC45AV centrifuge system is a robust, but having lightweight structure. Also, it has compact design that can enable it to work very well within small spaces. It will come with 4 sturdy support points, which can easily anchor it to trolley or ground.

Industrial processes may consist of various operations that can affect overall production cost. Profits can increase by keeping cost of each of the operation low. Besides its cost-saving features, IC45AV centrifuge will come with food-grade internal lining. Thus, it can become ideal for food products centrifugation too.

  1. Can handle solids and water

By replacing with centrifugal separator, you can separate both solids and also water. Water can always corrode your equipment and require frequent repairs or early parts replacement.

Due to oil being liquid, it can be difficult to recognize well in time. As it will finally be identified, the lube oil will become creamier, with plenty of water contamination

  1. Lower operating cost

As compared to filter, cleaning oil having centrifugal separator will provide lower cost of ownership. Their installation will generally be simple where you just have to plug it and it will start working efficiently and without any break.

  1. Less wastage

By replacing with centrifugal separator your wastage will be greatly reduced while using lube oil for filtration.