Some of the Marvelous Ideas About Mid-Century Modern Lights

Due to upgradation of technology, lighting industries have also undergone many different changes. However, in this article, we shall discuss about few ideas about mid-century modern lights.  

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   1. Evergreen iconic lighting 

Mid-century modern décor lighting will continue to stay forever as we can still see styles from that period of 1947, are still going on even after seventy years. For offering timeless appeal, you can use such mid-century modern lighting.

   2. Classic sputnik chandelier 

There are different versions of this classic fixture, but they all are inspired by first space satellite that circled the globe during 1957. Sputnik chandelier can be used in dining room that features globe bulbs, crystal accents and chic brass finish. 

   3. Retro industrial lighting available in vibrant colors

Once unloved attic has now come into joyful play space, as skylights can make most of the natural lights during the day. With 2 retro industrial lights, you can brighten things up and these safety yellow fixtures can add bright color to your vibrant room.

   4. Sculptural type mid-century modern lighting

The mid-century table-lamp has got lovely pottery base that features quirky grid pattern on left. On the right, multi-light floor lamp having gold finish. In both sides have sculptural element, which adds to room’s one-of-kind look.

   5. Mid-century modern hourglass type light fixture

This is another mid-century lighting in modern shape for the hourglass. This retro hourglass chandelier having white powder-coated finish can add a quirky touch along with wallpaper to the transitional space for dining.

   6. Modern take of classic mid-century lighting

This piece can beautifully complement with the vintage furnishings available in your retro-flavored living room designed by well-known interior design firm.

   7. Gold-dipped globe-pendant lighting

Here, gold-dipped version can illuminate your small dining area of guesthouse by your interior designer. Curves and clean lines are hallmarks of the midcentury style and everything in your dining room will be perfect.

   8. Midcentury type modern crystal chandelier

Sleek modern chandelier of crystal midcentury will set glamorous tone for such dining room, which is Hollywood inspired too. 

The gold tone base of the fixture will unite it with few other metallic types of features in its place, and also sputnik-inspired mirror along with brass picture frames.

   9. Overarching floor lamp

Interior designers took their mid-century modern-inspired homes to next level by using brass made overarching floor lamp. During night, this feature can add enough illumination to read while filling rest of your space with the ambient light.

   10. Light up your mid-century modern brown color furniture

Though most of the mid-century type of modern decor can mostly be quite colorful, however most classic pieces usually are of brown e.g. wood or leather, having gold and black accents. 

Your living room with white table lamps will lend a mod touch and softens the outlook of dark furnishings.

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