A Guide to Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma

Many people hear the phrase, “medical marijuana cards” and believe it to be a negative connotation. This is often false. Oklahoma has medical marijuana access that is more expansive than people think. This guide has been created to help those eligible and willing to get a card to allow them to navigate the process and learn about the regulations.

Oklahoma’s State became effective and legalized marijuana for medical use. It had much more effect than just partial legalization. The bill increased the possibility of growing your own cannabis. It also changed the penalties for marijuana use and possession down to a misdemeanor regardless of how many offenses were committed. This has led to a drastic reduction in the number of non-violent prison sentences.

Oklahoma has moved one step closer toward generalized marijuana legalization. This raises many questions within our communities about who is eligible to use marijuana, how it can be accessed, the process to obtain it, and whether they are eligible for Oklahoma medical marijuana card. Let’s begin by reviewing some facts about marijuana usage in Oklahoma.

The Qualifying Conditions for a Card to Use Medical Marijuana

Oklahoma has no pre-existing conditions. This decision is left to the discretionary physician who will give you the recommendation.

It is important to keep in mind that neither your doctor nor you are required by law to disclose the medical condition for which you use medical cannabis. While the state’s Physician Recommendation document does have a section to allow your doctor to disclose your medical condition, neither you nor your physician is legally bound to fill that section. Oklahoma allows medical marijuana, and you can still keep your medical information secretive and private.

How Are Medical Marijuana Rules Applied?

A medical marijuana permit will allow you to purchase, possess, and use marijuana. However, there are still rules and regulations in place regarding the use of cannabis products. This includes the restrictions you have on how much marijuana you can get, how you can smoke marijuana, and what you are allowed to share with others. Here are some key points to remember regarding the legal and safe use of marijuana in Oklahoma.


It is illegal to drive or operate any motor vehicle, while under the effects of marijuana.

Oklahoma generally allows cannabis to be used anywhere tobacco is legal. The prohibition of tobacco use means that cannabis is not permitted in any area where it is illegal. It is possible for private businesses to prohibit cannabis use.

When traveling with marijuana, it is important to keep it in a sealed container.

You can’t take cannabis over state lines. It is still illegal to transport controlled substances beyond state lines, even if the bordering states have legalized marijuana. There are temporary cannabis permits that you can get into other states, depending on which state it is.


Only minors are allowed to grow cannabis on private property.

The public may not be able to see Marijuana plants, such as on a balcony, porch, or window.

Caregiver Rules

A caregiver is an adult of legal age that can assist a minor, or someone with a disability in the medical marijuana procedure.

It is possible to be parents, legal guardians, or assistants who take care of medical marijuana patients as caregivers.