Are You Aware About the Reasons Why Drains Get Blocked at Home?

Blocked drain issues must have been faced by most of the homeowners at least once or twice in their lifetime. Not only it can create a great inconvenience, but it can become a potential health issue for the household.

Sooner you get rid of this problem, better it will be for people living in the home. There can be many reasons of your drain getting blocked and you have to call any plumber Sydney to resolve such problems.

Few of the common reasons why there is a drain problem can be due to –

  1. Accumulation of hair

Hair fall is very common when people in the household take bath and if people are not too careful and remove the hair immediately, then it may get accumulated and become the reason for drain blockage.

2. Plants and dirt

Often debris like tree leaves, dirt may fall on the train and in due course of time they block the water flow of the drain if they are not regularly cleaned.

3. Grease build-up from food items

In kitchen, there is always build-up of grease because of various fatty substances available in the foodstuff, which is another very common reason to block your drain in due course of time.

4. Toiletries

People often develop the habit of throwing their toiletries in the drain and over time, it can lead to bigger issue and end up blocking your drain too.

5. Heavy rain or storm

During the rainy season, often due to heavy rain, the drain gets overfilled with rain water and it may not be able to take such a heavy influx of water.

6. Broken pipes

There can be a number of reasons due to which the pipes inside the drain often get damaged or broken, and as a result it creates a blockage in the drain.

7. Poor water flow

Often taps will allow only small amount of water instead of normal water flow, as a result the sediments accumulated may not flow out completely.

8. Bad pipe installation

If your piping was not professionally installed then too your water flow within the pipe will not be free, as a result after few years it will block the drain.

9. Foreign objects

Often your children may throw their toys and also many toilet papers may get accumulated inside the pipe line, which can also become a reason of drain blockage.

10. Feminine products or cotton

If sanitary pads are flushed down in the toilet then they can easily block up your drains. Unlike toilet papers, these products may grow in size while in water.

11. Tree roots

Any tiny crack in your pipe may allow tree root to find their way in, which may grow in due course of time and become a potential reason to block your drain.

12. Mineral build up

Often in certain area, the water is too hard, and as a result there can be build-up of minerals over a period of time. This can reduce the flow and cause blockage.